Friday, September 10, 2010

A list, eggs & a [not so] fond farewell.

This week has flown by. Perhaps it’s because the workweek started on Tuesday, or perhaps it’s because I’m so sleep deprived that my days have bled together and everything is a big blur. 

This will be me by 7pm.

Drinking will make everything better.

Today’s post will be logistics. Lots of exciting things are coming our way. I decided I want to do this in list form.  I love lists. I have a little bit of OCD in me (according to the doctor a lot, but wtf does he know? So he went to school until he was 30. Psh, whatever.) and lists make me feel better. 

1. The last time I did a list, number one was in regards to my sister going to Africa. Guess what? She lands at 4:55pm today. My entire family will be at my house awaiting her arrival and glorious pictures of how she saved the word. Since she’s been away, I’ve done nothing productive. Once again, I just need to share my shortcomings and inadequacies with you guys.

2. It’s 1:49am and I just got this message from my brother when I accidentally logged onto iChat. We are not even in the same town, let alone the same house/room:

In the words of Bobby (Bill Hader), "You been drinking drugs?"

3. It would be entirely un-American of me to not acknowledge that tomorrow is September 11th. I hate tomorrow with a passion. Like many of you who were close to NYC/DC (and those that were far as well), it is an event that elicits goose bumps at the mere thought. This is all I care to say on this matter, but I will never forget. Tomorrow I will count my blessings and simply remember. I hope you all do the same. 

RL picture of me at Liberty State Park in the 8th grade.

4. JHiggs has the most exciting announcement ever to make. Jamie, take it away:

"First of all, I want to thank all of you for all the comments on all the paintings I’ve done this summer. It was really fun to work with CC each week to create the next painting; tweeting, texting, emailing pictures and reading endless KStew articles to find the perfect quotes. A friend of mine said to me a few weeks ago, “You probably know the exact dimensions of her face by now, don’t you?!” Funny, but probably true. At least it’s a pretty face! I’m not going to lie, it was a lot of work, but seeing your reactions and excitement with each new painting made it completely worth it. Congratulations to all of you who’ve won an original JHiggs. I think it’s safe to say you’re the envy of quite a few people. Well, that’s all about to change! As of today, I officially have an Etsy shop (<- click me!) up and running! From here on out, you’ll be able to purchase original paintings of all the ones you’ve seen this summer and you’ll also be able to make requests for new paintings. In addition, as a cheaper option, I’m also making prints of the paintings available. Basically, digital replicas of the paintings printed on premium photo paper. Hopefully in the future I’ll have other KSIBTU items available as well. I know a lot of you are pining for t-shirts and I hope to have that as an option very soon so keep an eye out for that! Thanks again for all the support. It’s been fun and I can wait to create more KSIBTU paintings in the future. Much love." 

Just some of what she has done...

Jamie has been fronting the money for all of the canvases, paints, paint brushes, and shipping for the last 6 weeks. I know a lot of you have contacted me in regards to obtaining a JHiggs Original for yourself. Well, now it’s all yours. She will legit make anything you want in the form of a painting or HQ print. I CAN’T WAIT TO SPEND ALL OF MY MONEY AT YOUR ETSY SHOP, JAMIE! [Note: I have absolutely nothing to do with this shop. If you have any questions, please contact Jamie. She's super nice and will not bite. And she has red hair.] 

5. This will be the last real blog post ever at here at KSIBTU.

This kind of looks like me as a baby.

No, this is not a joke. Yes, I am serious. 

I have absolutely loved coming here week after week, month after month saying the most ridiculous things, only to have you all reciprocate with your brilliant humor and stories. But you know what?


You have no idea how accurate this picture is.

When blogger doesn’t feel like cooperating, it doesn’t. It doesn't give a shit if you have promised a post. It is so inconsiderate.  It is never held accountable for the fact that it sucks asshole 99% of the time. It is so unbelievably inconvenient for me and it’s an unnecessary hassle. 

So what, you just quit?
FUCK NO! KSIBTU is moving, bitches! We are going to drop blogger like a hot potato and find a new home [actually, the home has been found]. It is going to be grand.
Why are you telling us this now?
This is a one-man show. I am the only one who writes, and it takes me forever to come up with my ridiculousness.  My attention, for now, needs to be on developing our new home. My beloved Buff and I are taking a huge step in reforming this silly little blog so that it works with me and not against me. It’s pretty much going to be as popular as google. DUH.  Buff is going to have her work cut out for her. She also has two of the most beautiful little Bufflettes ever made and a pretty handsome (hot) husband. We need time to do this.

Clearly I made this. Buff has been busy lately.

So you’re like leaving forevsies?
Hell to the no. We will be gone for two weeks most likely.

Two weeks without KSIBTU!? That sounds like a vacation horrible!
If something happens, you bet your ass I will blog about it, otherwise, we are focusing on the next step.

What exactly is the next step?
Get excited. When we return, not only will our address be different, but we will be prettier and easier to work. We will also be mobile friendly. In addition to that, I have a new campaign to launch that my crazy brain came up with after consuming 14 shots of vodka with Buff. We will also have the best giveaway I have ever had to date. 

When the new home for us is ready I will post its new location here. I’ll also tweet about it and annoy the shit out of you guys to change your bookmarks. YOU WILL KNOW WHEN WE ARE READY.

The announcement will be something along the lines of this...

6. To my beloved Jewish readers: Happy New Year! I hope you have the most wonderful ending to Rosh Hashanah. L'shanah tova!

7. I got the craziest amounts of tweets/emails/comments last Friday in regards to my story and Katy Perry’s song Teenage Dream. Many of you said that when you now hear the song, all you can think about is my pervy brother... and Twilight condoms. Allow me to ruin something else for you mkay?

Months back, when I was dabbling in new fanfics (I was new to that world), I put my computer down to think for a moment about a common theme amongst stories.

“Read something you didn’t like?” P asked.
“No.” I answered. He had no idea the smut that was on my screen every night.
“What gives?” He sat up looking at me.
“It’s just… I’m reading a lot of… stories. In these… stories… the girl is always a virgin—in every aspect of the word. And Edwar... er the guy is always experienced. No, he's a freaking expert. I just think it’s so crazy. He’s 17 and he’s doing a fucking standing wheelbarrow (<- you must be 18 or older to click because I say so) with the girl. What the hell can he know about sex and a girl's body!?”
“We just know.” He said in a cocky yet joking manner.
“Right.” I said laying back down ready to open up my computer again.
“Can I tell you a funny story?” He said all giddy.
“Have at it.” 
“Want to know how I learned?”
“Learned what?” I asked.
“Leaned.” He answered as his eyes widened.
What am I fucking Yoda? LEARNED.WHAT.” I repeated.
“When a girl's body was ready to... ya know... go....”
Insert CC facepalm here.
“You watched porn?”
“Nah. That doesn't really tell you anything, and half the time I had to watch it on mute.”
“Okay, P, how?”
[a/n: P went to parochial school in the town I lived in.]
“One day, when we were sitting in health in middle school, Father Frank left class and came back with a bowl in his hand.”
“Oh Jesus.” How appropriate, CC.
“So he is walking around and making every boy stick their fingers in a bowl. ‘This is how you know a girl is ready,’ he told us.”
“What was in it?” I asked.
He started laughing hysterically, “Egg whites.”

Are you picturing the consistency? YOU SHOULD BE.


So long as I live, I will never EVER EVER EVER eat an egg white omelet. EVER. Not that I would anyways because egg whites are fucking gross, but still. Now any time a baking recipe calls for just egg whites, I have to fight down my gag reflex. Egg whites will now and forever equal vaginal discharge.

9. In a farewell celebration to this hellhole known as blogger, and in celebration of Jamie’s step into providing you all with KStew paintings/printings on Etsy, we are giving away ONE final painting. 

Wait, you said last week was the last one!?
Nah. We want to go out of this place with a bang.

We are back with the most popular one as the finale. There are only two other copies in the world. I own one and so does @theurbanwhisk. It’s fantastic:



The winner will be chosen at random by, and will be announced on Monday in a post that is literally entitled 'winner'. To enter please answer the following questions and leave an email address and/or twitter name:

What was the EXACT moment that you realized KStew was better than you? Do you like eggs (as a meal, not as an ingredient)? Do you have a gross story you would like to share?

My answer?

I realized KStew was better than me after I saw Twilight, when I saw this magazine sitting on my bed:

this was like porn to me. I could NOT stop staring.

I obsessed over the pictures. Stared at it for far too long. As for eggs? I am fickle with eggs. Half of the time I like them and half of the time I don’t. You know what eggs I don’t like? Vaginal discharge egg whites. And that, my friends, is my gross story.

She clearly approves of my answer and is amused by the egg white story.



  1. dude.I know. I Fucking KNOW. I'm in the middle of terminating my relationship with these Blogger asshats in this VERY moment. I am so irritated and sick and slurpy today it's not even funny. Except that it is. So so so excited about Jamie's Etsy store! Weepy-excited you're going to move to a friendlier domain. And holier than holy fuck! Egg whites? Never been a fan of 'em, though hard boiled with extra salt? Yum. After P's story? Fuck. No. Nevah. As for when I knew the Stew was better than me? The moment I first laid eyes on the Vanity Fair photoshoot of 08. girlfriend in couture and Chucks? All sex-haired and groping and swinging around with His Holy Hotness in the sun-drenched field? Yeah. I knew. And my world was obliterated. In a good way of course. Love you.

  2. Oh.

    You know the worst thing about that story? I tried, for 1,7 seconds, to figure out how one might be able to warm up egg whites without losing the consistency.

    Yeah. I think that answers the thing about my own gross stories too.

    I'll have you know that you scared the shit out of me when you started talking about leaving blogger. I would have been completely traumatised if you'd said you'd no longer be posting at all. I will eagerly await this new site.

    When did I first realise KStew was better than me? Oh, fudge... uhm... Oh! I know! When at Comic-Con, she said:

    "I, uh, can't wait to actually get pregnant. *sexy smirk*"

    That right there. I died. It's possible I stood up, pointed at my screen and went "Oooooooooooooh! OMG, SHE'S SO AWESOME, I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE SAID THAT! BUUUUUUUUUUUUUURN!" Not that I will ever (EVER!) publicly admit to this.

    Another moment, when it was well and truly cemented in me forever that she will always be better than me, was when she said "They were bullets, mofo!" Which is why I really want that painting. Let's hope the random numbers will be on my side for once.

    Lovely post. I am also a huge fan of lists. I'd make lists about making lists if I could. Or wasn't this lazy.

  3. I was a little late to the party but I definitely new kstew was better then me when holiness showed up at the MTV MA 2009 wearing high top chucks and that hot red dress with her "fuck off" bitchface. Then the deal was sealed when she and Rob perfected the fake out for "best kisses". I wanted to high five her for her epicness. As far as eggs go? Sick I know but I like mine over easy with salsa. Gross story is to gross to tell but I'll give the points I remember.
    1. Virgin girl. Not so virgin guy. Both drunk.
    2.large party a la house
    3.empty room
    4.hanky panky
    5.popped cherries
    6. Cherry popped too much.
    7.stained carpet forever.

    Brb...still gagging. And no this wasn't me.sick.
    That is all.

  4. You totes stole my when I realized KStew was better than me moment. It was that magazine photo shoot too. Those boots? Are you fucking kidding me? Not that I could get away with wearing something like that and look one-tenth as good... but damn. The thing is, I didn't have a name for it. This overwhelming feeling, something festering inside of me as I stared at the pretty. Rob, sure, there was a name for that... I wanted to fuck him (shhhh, don't tell M). But Kristen, it was like, whaaaa??? I am not a lesbian, have never had those feelings for a woman, but what is this feeling?! And then I found your blog and my question was answered. KSIBTM. Duh. And she will always and forever be, but damn I wish I could float at her level for just ten minutes.
    I have disgusting stories, but not funny, just involving birthing children - so I will spare you.
    Eggs are good scrambled with cheese, or on toast with sausage. Egg whites - DISGUSTING. Who the fuck would eat just the white part? The party is in the yolk.
    I love you. New site? Here we motherfucking come. NUMBERSletsdothis.

  5. Omg CC i don't even know how to start... im very very happy 4 you cause you'll finally have your vacations...on the one hand I'm sad (I almost died when you said there would be no kstew for us) cause we'll be without u and your amazing post for 2 weeks... WHAAAAAAT!?!?!
    well about the EXACT moment that i realize that kstew was better than me definetely was vanity fair photoshoot .. just looking her with that amazing dress and those chucks i literally died.
    And as for the eggs ... I was stunned when i read your story and I think from now on (and thanx to u)will not be able to eat eggs anymore.
    I think that a JHiggs original never came to latinamerica.. so come on girl's time! Mbuahaha

    alecita.07 @

  6. @Buff82
    "the party is in the yolk"
    hell to the yes! I lurve egg yolks :)

  7. Awh CC, while you were frolicking on the Liberty State Park in 8th grade, KStew was reading OTR. Have I got the grades right? (Americanos confuse moi)
    KSTEW is btr than me because I'm still in college and haven't finished that book (but I will before this term is out! Tis mah mission). Maybe you'd read it by then CC?

    I think the first time I realised she was better than me was th VF shoot. But even then there's never been an explicable defining moment, more like a daily reminder...


  8. Hi CC

    I am both happy & sad after reading today's blog..... happy - that you have something better coming along the way....... sad - without U for 2 weeks !! Argh...... hair pulling !

    The moment that I realized KStew is better than me is the moment I saw her in "Panic Room". I couldn't ignore her since then (imagine a decade of stalking)....... a gravity puller.

    Egg whites ?? I CAN love or hate it...... depending on whatever situation I am in (cheeky smile :)p )


  9. Ok first off..I am so happy for you that you are getting the new site and cant wait to see it! im sure it will be fab!

    As for Kstew is better then me lightbulb moment..I have to agree w/ domesticstew, def has to be when she showed up to the MTV MM09 dressed in that killer dress, sex me hair, sporting her bitchface and wearing chucks! I died! I turned to my friend who was watching with me and said..holy hell that chick is badass!

    As for eggs..I can only eat them scrambled and well done, covered in katchup and cheese...but now I can say I will never be able to see anyone eat egg whites and not think dirty things..haha



  10. CC! Great last Blogger post! So thankful that you're continuing to write, and just moving to another place. Your stories make me laugh. I'm so glad that your life is crazy, because I enjoy it. haha
    Eggs, scrambled. And the moment I realised KStew was better than me had to have been the moment in Twilight when she attacked "Edward" and I knew I'd never be awesome enough to have the chance to do that =)
    I still want to thank Jamie profusely for my painting [the pink one]. Thank you so so much! I love it!
    Funny story in regards to my painting. Right now, it's sitting on the end table next to our couch [it used to be sitting ON the couch with my husband and I.] But my lawyer was at my house yesterday, he's 60 years old, and he said, "What is KSTEW?" I had to refrain from laughing. I told him KStew was an actress and he said, "It's amazing all these things young kids know these days thanks to the IN-ter-net." I had the biggest smile on my face because that's all I could manage without laughing. I'm going to start buckling my painting into the passenger seat and take her on road trips with me. lol
    Anyways, if I were to win this contest, you can have pick another number. Share the wealth!!
    Happy moving websites! Can't wait to see it!

  11. CC, you scared me with "farewell" in the post title. Glad you'll be back in 2 weeks. But well, without KSIBTU for 2 entire weeks?...Life must be boring like hell~~

    Oh, I've been living under a rock for years. Half year ago, I watched some Kristen's early Twilight interviews and began to fall for Kristen. As for the magic KSIBTM moment, it's the Allure photoshot. I was like "HOLY HELL!~ I CANNOT BREATHE" at the moment seeing those pics.

    Monica from Asia

  12. CC-

    Seriously? Egg white? And what the fucking hell is a priest doing demonstrating that to a bunch of boys?! BTW, I like eggs, but the yolk must be included. Personally, I prefer the eggs benedict style. Grossly, my b-i-l (K) only eats hard boiled egg whites. Even more disgustingly, he boils a whole pot of eggs and then puts them in fridge, so he can eat those nasty things cold. Fuck. That. I would never be that dedicated to losing weight and/or building muscle mass.

    I realized KSIBTM when I saw her in Panic Room. That kid had attitude.

    Also, I have the answer to you fanfic question!! (Aside from the fact that everyone wants an Edward who's all-knowing the sex department so he can tutor Bella in the masterful ways of great intercourse... bahahaha! excellent use of that word) Here's the thing: think of virgin Edward. Untouched. Untried. And Bella takes his clothes off... and reaches up a hand to stroke his pecs and stroke down... and down... until she reaches... AND THEN EDWARD BLOWS HIS LOAD. Seriously. Guy virgins do not equal staying power and satisfaction. We KNOW this. That's why Edward is always the all-knowing tutor. Because that way he can finish off Bella (and the reader) before he cums his brains out. (sorry for the vulgarity)

    Gross story? Only one? There are too many to count. Sorta gross... um, well, I was mooned by a 70 year old woman in a thong in April. It was terrifying.


  13. So aside from wanting to vomit after the egg white thing, I have so much to say...but I need a few minutes after the egg thing. As if I didn't hate eggs enough, that just made it worse.

    @Kstew411 made me realize Kstew is better than me. Gosh I miss that twitter. But it was also probably the vanity fair photoshoot. I could stare at all those photos all day long. Kstew411 also introduced me to you! thank goodness

    So I freaked when you said that you were leaving. I've had enough twitter/sites cancel on me lately, I couldn't handle the best one of them all leaving!

    hmm...I don't have a story I feel telling on this site, my family is way too perverted to list all of the things. I've tried to keep my innocence, but after the egg white comment, I'm forever doomed.

    What I'd like to know is why was FATHER FRANK TELLING THE BOYS THAT INFORMATION?!? that just seems awkward to me.

  14. I realised KStew was better than me way back when she ran and pounced on Adam Brody.

    Someone once told me eggs were chicken period. That was the day I never enjoyed an egg again.. your story has just added to that fact.

    P.S I'm going to get withdrawal symptoms in your absence.. you're like a drug to me.

    Ohhh I just remembered something a friend said to me once. We were just sitting doing nothing and she goes "OMG. Did I tell you the other day I went to the loo and an egg yolk came out!"
    Cue me gagging.

    Have I now turned everyone off egg yolk too?

  15. I really love to cook, and I'm pretty sure one of the recipes I was looking forward to requires egg whites. So thank you. Thank you for ruining that for me.

    Also, I have a little mini story to tell you.
    I'm strange in that I like to count my birthday as the 24 hrs that pass from the exact time I was born at 9:16 am. I'm a weirdo, and I know that doesn't count, but still. Milk it for all it's worth, right? So anyway, my birthday is September 10th. I can't pretend that the following date is more important to me than it is to other people because I didn't lose anyone that day. But I can honestly say that I feel differently about it. The first, and I believe second crash occurred before my 24 hrs were up. I know that this was not my birthday, but waking up in the morning after my birthday, excited to be eight years old and go to school to brag to all of my friends, only to come out of my room and see everyone crowded around the television to hear about this tragedy, affects me so much. It's hard to celebrate your birthday knowing that while you're celebrating the day your life began, so many other people are mourning the day that their loved one's life ended. I'm terrible with death, and the mere thought of anyone losing their life could put me in the fetal position. This day honestly feels like it was yesterday, not nine years ago. I know that it's cliched, but that statement has never been more true. I remember it so clearly, and I know that I will find time tomorrow to pray for all of the people who lost their lives that day, and all of the people who are mourning lost lives from that day. And I hope that every other American does as well.

    On a lighter note, I realized that she was better than me when I had a good friend of mine sat next to me for an hour every week day for nine months and remind me that Kristen is better than me and everyone else. I owe a lot to that friend because I'm so lucky to be a fan of Kristen. When I started to learn more about her, I realized just how amazing she is. I can't really say that I especially noted or confirmed that she was better than me until the day I saw a post on this blog, many months ago, and you proved to me that she was better than me. You prove it with every post, and even do a recap at the end. How could I not be convinced?

    Fuck yes, I love eggs. As a meal. Eggs over-easy with deliciously buttered toast freaking owns me.

    Any gross stories? I wish I was that cool, but no, I don't.

    And not gonna lie, you nearly gave me heart fail when you made your announcement. I saw it coming, but that doesn't mean it didn't mess with my emotions. I would say you're cruel if you weren't constantly feeding my Kristen addiction.


  16. oh CC you scared the shit out of me with your farewell title! but i'm SO GLAD that it's just a temporary thing and that it's only blogger that we're leaving behind. *sighs in relief*. i wouldn't survive without KSIBTU !

    i think it was MTV MA 2009 when i truly realized that KStew is better than me. i mean c'mon. only she could pull that dress with Converse and look absolutely fuck hot with a face that says i don't give a fuck! and when she dropped her award and said "i was just about as akward as you thought i was gonna be k thanks bye! YOU GO GIRL! i'm sure she found it really embarrassing but that just made me love her more!

    oh egg whites. there's obviously something wrong with me since i laughed my ass off. sure it's gross and i'm probably going to remember that story always when i see egg whites and curse you to hell because of that but still i lolled. *runs and hides*

    speaking of FF's. have you got any really good fics to rec? i think UTAT spoiled it for me since after that all the fics i've been reading have sucked hah. :D i haven't read that many, started reading just this summer so even if their not new ones, please share :)


  17. ladybug ( 11, 2010 at 10:06 AM

    Bye bye blogger! No more saving comments before sending them for fear they will be magically deleted...(true story)

    And how did you know that, just yesterday, I bought an Internet friendly phone (yeah I didn't have one) and tried to access KSIBTU, only to get the: "This website uses space technology and can't be showed on your phone."?! (again true story)

    When did I realize KStew was better them me? I got a feeling the first time I watched Adventureland (my first KStew movie), but I really got IT when I started watching interviews and stuff on youtube...That's when I got the personality + the looks + the talent = KSIBTU.

    PS: You need to do a post about FF, I would love to get your input one some of the things going one there o_O

  18. Like many others I realised KStew was better than me when I saw the Vanity Fair photo shoot.
    The lighting slays me. The video. The sex hair. Gah.

    I didn't even know egg white omlettes existed, so that tells you how popular they are on this side of the pond!
    To quote a very wise woman 'the party is in the yolk' and therefore I love my eggs scrambled, boiled and fried. Preferably as part of a nice, big fried breakfast.
    I have many gross stories but none of which will ever be posted on your popular blog. I'm not that stupid duhhhh!!

    ps-If I win again (I won't, it's fixed) please pick again and let someone else have the chance to win a JHiggs original as I've already been blessed. I'm not greedy. Not like @kimmcarr.......

  19. The Vanity Fair outtakes where Rob is holding Kristen, and her hair is so fierce, and the lighting is perfect - that was my KSIBTM moment.

    Eggs totally freak me out. I will eat them scrambled, but only if they have been cooked really well. Egg whites will never be the same.

    My friends/family do not understand the KStew love, but I would love a painting. twitter @rachellake

  20. I have to join the team that sais Vanity Fair photoshoot that was the moment that my eyes opened LOL

    hmm I don't have anything in particular with eggs or egg whites in food I do however think eggwhite omelet is gross! And of course now thaks to father Frank I will always remember the down lady in conection to egg whites > gross!
    Embarassing story .. waw I'm sure I could find some of those if I think however it's 3 am and I hit my head today .. really I did I have a bump the size of a small egg (it haunts me) on my forehead! so nothing pops up right now!

    can't wait for the new home .. till then Rock On

    Twitter: @ladymystyque

  21. Of course Amy wants to fight again. Bitch.

    I love eggs. I will eat them in almost any form, except over-cooked. Yolk is necessary. Otherwise it's flavorless, vaginal discharge. Delish!

    I have to agree with Amy (bitch) again. Vanity Fair. The hair. The lighting. Oh so pretty and oh so better than me.

    If I win, give my painting to Amy. I hope she suffers through my kindness.

  22. kuso-desu@hotmail.comSeptember 12, 2010 at 4:03 AM

    OMG you scared me for a bit there when u said u were quitting! i cant wait for the new site.. see you in two weeks!

  23. Jesus that @kimmcarr bitch is such a martyr.
    Build a bridge and get over yourself Kim.
    Love you

  24. I know that my commenting is sporadic - hey, the quick wit of all you guys is intimidating - but I thought I should farewell the unreliable hunk of crap that is blogger - that didn't stop KSIBTU being incredibly awesome though. It's only going to get better, right? But I'm not just here to inflate your ego; I'm here to tell you the moment I realized KSITBM.

    It started off, when she was announced as Bella, with just thinking she was quite pretty. Then...I saw this~ clickyclicky!
    Do you see that? Do you?! Of course you do! You get IT! Just like I started to from then on.

    And yeah, eggs are freaking gross. I had a poached egg for the first time in my life yesterday, thought it was all cool, then half an hour later thought I was going to chuck up. They don't go down well with me. Hah hah! ...

    Something equally gross; I went to school one day, despite having had coughing fits for the past few. When a teacher offered me a cough lolly, I went to put it in my mouth...except I vomited all over myself first - and on my friend's pencilcase.

    So anyway, with that lovely image in your brain, I will say adieu - for now! ;)


  25. hm it's hard to remember the exact moment i realized kristen was better than me. i think the first time i was oh shit there's something fucking awesome about girl that i was just instantly hooked on was when i watched a twilight interview she did with access hollywood. and that began my kristen obsession.

    yeah i'm not a big egg fan, at all. IMO they're just gross. first off, i wanna know whose idea was it to eat whatever came out of a chicken's butt. what were they on?? idk, but i'll eat eggs every once in a while, like when they're the only thing available to eat. i guess when faced with starvation, i'll cave in and eat some eggs.

    when i was little (like 6 or 7), the neighbors used to go outside and all play basketball with each other. my one neighbor was this really old guy probably in high school so he was really tall naturally. i was going up to guard him b/c he had the ball so i threw my hands up and my finger went up his nose. so awkward… good news, nothing was on my finger when i pulled it out, but yeah it was still kinda gross

    lastly, let me just say that i. fucking. love. every. one. of. your. posts CC. a thousand thanks to you for making me laugh and smile and lighting up my life with your blog : )


  26. I’m pretty sure you’ve ruined egg whites for me… forever. Ugh. I do/did like eggs, but always feel a little weirded out eating them. I can never think about them too much or else they just gross me out.

    I’m SOOOO EXCITED I’ve got another chance to win a JHiggs original!!! *crosses fingers until the winner is announced*

    Exact moment I realized KStew is better than me, probs happened while watching ITLOW.

    Egg story: On my 16th birthday I got my license and that night my parents let me take their car to go out with some friends… we ended up going to some guys house, who I didn’t know, in a shady neighborhood & after watching horror movies all night (which I hated) we went back out to my car only to find it COVERED in egg. I don’t know how many cartons of eggs were used, but I’d guess more than 5. It was disgusting & a bitch to clean off. I had to drive everyone home through this insanely thick fog, which only added to the creepiness of the night & got my ass to a gas station to get as much off as I could with a squeegee. The next day my mom was all “So, you got egged last night?” I was sure I had got it all off, but she found shells under the hood. Luckily it didn’t deter her from letting me borrow the car again. The end.

    I’ll miss KSIBTU for the next two weeks. :( Can't wait to see the new improved home!

  27. Oh my... I really thought U'd never write again for some minutes. Man, I'm still in shock xD.

    What about a website called .? Or is it wordpress.? I'm excited ^^

    Anyway...I realized KStew is better than me as I saw the VF shoot. It's my fav. shoot with Kristen and Rob. She looks SO beautiful there and so different from Bella that I didn't recognized her at first. I could stare at these pictures all day (:

    Hope to cy soon ..


  28. Egg whites? srsly? disgusting!

    And you scared me that you quit writing blog. Fortunately it's only for some time.

    I realized that KStew is better than me, when I saw VF photoshoot.
    I'm fickle with eggs too! But I love scrambled eggs with ham and cheese.
    My gross story? It's weird, but I think I don't have one.. IDK.

    come back to us quickly!

  29. I am not sure when I realized it, but I read the books first and I accidentally found about kstew411 on twitter. She is basically how I started getting to know more about the fandom and all about Kstew. I think the realization came when she went to the MTV's with the chucks and the dress, and she didn't stop to do press like many actresses would have in order to explain she had an ankle injury.

    I love eggs in general; either boiled, fried, scrambled, in omelette. We go through a dozen every week, this is how much we like them.

    It's going to be tough to wait for a couple of weeks, but I am sure the new website will be amazing, congratulations!

  30. OMG, not gonna lie, I got a little nervous when you said that this was the last post. Thank GOT you just meant the last post on blogger. Fuck those a-holes, move on to bigger and better things, we'll follow you wherever you go!!

    I know I'm WAY late to the party on this but Teenage Dream will always be synonymous with the story you shared about your brother. I don't think there's any way to separate the 2 at this point, HA!

    Now, egg whites will never be the same...holy shit! Who knew that's how they were teaching it in parochial schools....ha ha ha!! I swear, CC you always have the funniest stories, thank you so much for sharing them...even when they ruin egg whites foreva!

    The EXACT moment I knew that KStew was better than me had to be the first time I saw the BTS video of the 2008 Vanity Fair shoot. Holy shit, not only did she look amazingly hot but the chemistry she had with YFH was palpable. Not to mention the fact that she was wearing Chucks and a designer dress...she owned it, just like she owns every other fucking thing she does. That's what clued me in to her amazingness and it was all over from there.

    As for eggs, I could take them or leave them, but rest assured there are will never be an egg white omelet in my future.

    Can't wait to see the new home where we can continue to bask in the awesomeness that is CC and KStew!!


  31. my KSIBTM moment...PANIC ROOMMMMmmmmmmmm!!!! she so fierce even at 11 years old!!!!!!!!!!! I HAERT YOU 4EVAS STWIE!!!!!

  32. um... hi i'm new here, i 'm from germany and i would say that i love your blog^^ i laugh every time my ass off when i read your post, there amazing and ofcourse i love kristen hwo don't^^ gosh she is amzing, beautiful, smart... i can write so many things abaut her but it wouldn't begin to describe how much i love and adore her... not many of my friends do it and i could rip their heads off when they beginning to argue with me again -.-
    i try to explain how great she ist, how an amazing actress she is and how amazing she does her jop and no one is as good as she is... but they don't get...

    so well about the post... i think i can never eat an egg again without thinking aboaut it -.-

    sorry for my spelling i was never good at that and thought i never will be *sigh*

  33. CC…been in lurker mode, but wanted to say thanks for the laughs this summer and the small stroke #5 of this post caused! I had to keep repeating…”just moving…just moving…OK…it’s a good thing :D”

    My defining KSIBTU moment: VF made me wonder where the hell the rest of us where when GOD was puttin’ that together, but it was solidified that Kristen was WAY better than me after reading the Dennis Hopper interview. It was the 1st time I heard the “own what you want to own” comment and it hit me as such a simple way to say something extremely profound. I can’t even begin to tell how many situations I have applied it to and people I have passed the advice onto. I never said anything that important at 19. Hell, I probably have never said anything of any importance.

    No gross stories to share, but my sister just sent me this saying to put on my desk. I took it as a compliment and then thought of you!


    See you @ your new digs!

  34. yup. donzo with egg whites.

    looking forward to seeing you on the other side! I'm sure between your genius brain and Buff's it will be MINDBLOWING.

    The moment I realized Kstew was better than me? When I realized she had Robert Pattinson before she even had Robert Pattinson. What the hell am I talking about? Much Music special that aired the week before Twilight came out in theatres. The way he looked at her back then... When she was still with Oregano.... She had him and she wasn't even with him... And seriously... those legs killed me that night...


    See you on the flipside!


  35. egg whites... lmao and ewww

    I don't know if you'll ever read this comment, but whatever.
    I think the moment I realized KStew was better than me was the VF photo shoot and after watching Adventureland.

    You read The Hunger Games! gah, I love those books, they owned me. You have to read this post-mockingjay (pre epilogue) o/s: