The Lingo

Sometimes I feel as if I have my own language and sayings. Some of you agree with that previous statement, and often times ask me what the hell I'm talking about in some of my posts. Those of you that have been with me from the beginning understand this lingo. Those that are new may need some clarification. I'm here to clear this right up:

Kristen = Her Holy Hotness, Her Holiness

Rob = Fingers (for very obvious reasons) & MFH (My Future Husband)

Taylor Lautner = LautLean

Jeebus = a PC version of Jesus

Yipes = yikes

Bones = $dollars$

Holy guacamole = oh my gosh

Ruth = best publicist ever.

FTW = for the win (many of you know this, but people constantly ask me what it means) [No, it is not a coincidence that this is placed below Ruth.]

Frolicking in New Moon = WORST IDEA IN THE WORLD. It is a scene I'll never let you forget.

Stephenie Meyer = mortal enemy

Jacob Black = Lies = the biggest lie in literary history is the mere fact that Isabella Swan would even CONSIDER Jacob Black let alone kiss him. This is why Stephenie Meyer is a mortal enemy.

New Moon = worst Twilight movie, in my humble opinion. 

Flove = fucking + love

Own it = the ability to own what you say and do. To be unapologetic and authentic. Ex: See Kristen Stewart

#Jawporn = Rob's beautiful and chiseled jaw. It's what lures you in. Aside from the fingers. 

I UNF for KStew = UNF is the Universal Noise of Fucking. It's also an onomatopoeia.  A true KStew fan UNFs for KStew. You know you do.  

Fuck = my favorite word ever.

IT = the ability to understand Kristen and not question her actions. Those that get IT love Kristen for all of the reasons that others dislike her. Those that get IT are smarter than those who don't. And cooler. And better off in this world. And prettier. And wiser. And better.

The Pucci = My all time favorite Kristen Stewart look. It was at The Runaways NYC premiere. It's like she did it as a favor to me because I was in NYC that night... I was not at the premiere, but that's not the point. The point is, there is NO better than the Pucci for me. Unless we are talking about Versace in Berlin... or that skirt in Australia. No but seriously, The fucking Pucci.

# = you put that little hashtag next to anything and it becomes a serious statement. I love it.

Rhonda = literally the song Help Me, Rhonda by The Beach Boys. When I was younger I used to ask Rhonda for help because that's what the Beach Boys did. WWTBBD? ASK RHONDA. I forgot that until I saw Kristen in Germany in that dress. Rhonda quickly came back. Now Rhonda is beckoned every single day.