About Me

I go by Cynically Convival, shortened to CC.  I’m the ringmaster here at KSIBTU. I’m a twentysomething year old girl who truthfully believes that KStew is better than you… and me! I have a boyfriend named P (who I have dated for infinity), but I still UNF for KStew. Hard. I assure you that I am the only person who writes for this blog so if you hate it… BLAME ME.

The only other person that ever touches this place (aka has administrative powers) is Buff. Buff is a gift from the angels above and works behind the scenes. She creates all of the backgrounds and avis for my twitter accounts, beautifies this blog, and creates all of the ridiculous Photoshop pictures that I ask her to.  She also has two of the most beautiful babies in the world.

I created this blog in good fun. It is a safe haven for KStew fans to come, communicate and above all: laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. If we didn’t all laugh, we’d cry.

If you do not possess good fun you will not enjoy this blog. Nothing is serious. Seriousness is for crotchety old people, and I’ve got time until I arrive there!

Come along for the ride! Mayhem will surely ensue.

Need me? Well I need you.